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The difference between elastic sticker and plastisol sticker


Many customers feel confusion the difference between elastic sticker and plastisol sticker, today i will do some explanation in this problem ,hope can help u know it well.

First ,about the PET film material.

This plastisol sticker use 1185-B PET film , this film only can do cold peeling sticker,but our elastic sticker normal use 1188PET film , it is not only can do cold peeling  but also can do hot peeling.

Second, about the color.

For plastisol sticker color will show not very clear ,but our elastic sticker use elastic gold oil better to protect color and show good vivid colors .

Third,about the washing time.

Plastisol sticker use home launder -ometer tested: 40 degrees, more than 20times,30 min/time. But elastic sticker can for home launder -ometer tested: 40 degrees, more than 50 times,30 min/time.

Fourth,about elastic.

Plastisol sticker not have any elastic but elastic sticker have high elastic and resilience.

Pls see this blow is our elastic sticker elastic show.

Fifth, about the press field.

Plastisol sticker is suit for press on Cotton cloth, jersey, shirts, etc cloth fabric.

But elastic sticker is our factory specially for spandex Lycra etc elastic fabric ,our technician spent much time and trial do this type.

This is the difference . we can send u some free samples to test if u wanna test this two types so that u can know well.

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