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The development of flock heat transfer sticker


With the development of science and technology, the type of heat transfer has been increasing, Qingyi will tell you the produce process of flock heat transfer sticker.

Flock Heat Transfer Sticker

Flocking heat transfer sticker is a heat transfer process, use of high-quality flock paper, pattern on the surface has a strong three-dimensional fluffy, touch softly. The thickness for flock from 0.6 to 1.2 mm. Flocking heat transfer derived from the multi-color flocking ,glitter flocking ,in this industry were in a leading position, flocking sticker widely used in women', sportswear, kid's clothing, plush toys, sweaters, etc.

Flock Heat Transfer Printing

Flockings principle is the same as charges same charge repel each other, different charge attract each other, so that the velvet belt on the negative charge, the need to flock the object on the zero potential or ground conditions, the villi by the potential of the plant was attracted, Vertical acceleration to fly to the surface of the object to be flocked, due to the application of the body coated with adhesive, the villi was vertically adhered to the plant body, electrostatic flocking is the use of the natural characteristics of the production of a new production process.

Flocking heat transfer paper application can overcome the traditional flocking s disadvantage ——the flock is easy to flying everywhere and workshop and flocking things are difficult to sweep. Its use is more simple, just put the transfer pattern on the fabric (cloth) or other objects surface, and then use the heat press machine or home iron wait several secondss press, then the pattern will be transferred to the object, convenient and fast.

Heat Transfer Printing Process

Transfer temperature is about 130-150 degrees, time is about 8-10s, cold peeling.Transfer paper (flocking paper, heat transfer paper) can replace the traditional flocking, embroidery and printing. Besides, it costs lower than the general embroidery and multi-color sets of printing, now it widely used in clothing, T-shirts, luggage,bags, shoes, hats,socks,gloves,aprons,handicrafts, textile products, and many other manufacturing filed.

Heat Transfer Sitcker

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