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Qingyi heat transfer company exhibition hall updated, welcome customers come to visit


Exhibition Hall

Qingyi heat transfer Technology Co, Ltd is a professional thermal transfer materials / heat transfer manufacturers with 20 years experience.From the ink, mortar and other chemical substrate to heat transfer film, from PET film, sublimation paper, color spray film, hot melt film and other thermal transfer materials, and then to heat transfer sticker, heat press machine, cutting plotter and other finished products with equipment , To provide integrated one-stop solution, we are committed to creating value for the textile industry.

Qingyi heat transfer company in the past 20 years with customers grow and develop together, helping customers solve the problem, continue to explore innovation, and continuously enhance the value of the product, and strive to build a worthy,respect and trust enterprise. As the company's new product research,update,the original exhibition hall has been unable to meet the requirements of new products, thanks to the staff’ renovation for a new exhibition hall and carry out in a short time. Thanks to our team, Qingyi company is proud of you.

Qingyi heat transfer company new exhibition hall through product category is divided into five areas: heat transfer sticker display area, heat transfer materials display area, chemical materials display area, exhibition model area and some mechanical equipment. Qingyi heat transfer company's main products and business in this new exhibition hall can be very clearly, Entering the exhibition hall, you can understand the corporate culture, products, quality, service and other aspects, It can also as a place for customer visit, communication and negotiate . As a collection of our company’s culture and brand, the exhibition hall is a way to promote the construction of Qingyi’s enterprise culture. Welcome new and old customers to Qingyi exhibition visit!

Heat transfer display area: the main display heat transfer for clothing, luggage, EVA slippers, shoes, non-woven, swimsuit, and DIY personality heat transfer ,thick heat transfer sticker, care label, sublimation heat transfer and other products and their related applications.The real products compared with the final effect , for customers it easy to know the products’ function and quality.

Heat Transfer For Clothing

Heat Transfer Sticker

Heat transfer material display area: the main display heat transfer film, hot melt film, high and low temperature film, printable vinyl and other products and applications, display a variety of products with different specifications and different colors, allowing customers to compare and choose, and learn more about our products, choose the best for themselves.

Heat Transfer Film

Hot Melt Film

Chemical materials display area: the main display screen printing ink, paste,PET film and other products.

PET Film

Heat Transfer Ink

Exhibition model area: Qingyi heat transfer company participated in many SGIA,  fespa,international shoes industry exposition, China SportShow, intertextile exhibition and others. Our design of exhibitors are almost the same with this model booth, mainly place the main products and applications.

The Exhibition Room

Part of the machinery and equipment: the exhibition room is currently place the heat transfer industry necessary machine ——heat press machine, the necessary machine for heat transfer vinyl ——cutting plotter, and the print & cut machine.

Heat Press Machine

Heat Transfer Cutter

Digital Sublimation Printer

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