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Printing process of heat transfer printing


At this stage there are many kinds of ornaments on the dress, in order to attract the attention of consumers,many personalized patterns appear in the clothing,fully meet the requirements of young people to pursue fashion. Some of the clothing surface is irregular, can’t use direct printing method of printing patterns, so that need to transfer method can be achieved. The following is a brief introduction of logo heat transfer and the way of using heat transfer.

The process of heat transfer logo is as follows:

1.Screen version preparation:

According to the design pattern produced screen version, color pattern part use 300 mesh, light part of the use of 100-200 mesh, The specific mesh is determined by particle size of the selected luminescent material,large size of the luminescent material selection small mesh, smaller particle size of the luminous material selection large mesh. Adhesives using 100-200 mesh screen printing. Protective layer, cover layer, adhesive layer screen version of the outline need to cover the entire pattern, that is, the entire contour of the pattern are all blank portion,so it can ensure the quality of the pattern. When the plate prints the heat transfer pattern is reversed, the screen version should be anti-version, in order to ensure after heat transfer the pattern is positive.

2.Raw materials introduce: Heat transfer paper,light-emitting materials, heat transfer ink, heat transfer adhesives, solvents.

3.Process production:

Heat transfer production process: the base paper processing - printing protective layer - printing pattern layer - printing luminescent layer - printing overlay - printing adhesive layer - drying – packaging

4. Usage and precautions:

1)The fabric to be transferred need to placed on the heat transfer machine,the fabric material can be polyester, acrylic, nylon, etc.Make sure that the fabric surface is clean. The dried heat transfer label adhesive layer faces the fabric,then placed in right place.

2) Adjust the  heat transfer machine temperature rose to 110-120degree, the pressure transferred to 20-30N, The upper plate of the heat transfer machine is pressed for 20 seconds and then opened,take out the fabric,waiting cool to room temperature then tear off the base paper.

3) With a heat transfer pattern of fabric while washing don't hard rub pattern,to avoid damage the pattern.

4) Don't scratch the pattern with sharp objects.

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