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Let's talk about how important the printing ink for heat transfer!


Printing ink is an indispensable thing in heat transfer industry, widely used in heat transfer products, after heating, clearly transfer the pattern and the text onto other products. The type of printing ink is varied, the quality is also different. Thus,  Qingyi as a manufacturer with 21 years experience will give us a detailed introduction as follow.

Compare heat transfer ink with other dye ink, pigment ink and water-based ink, heat transfer ink is high density,and its color is bright, heat transfer ink mainly produced in the United States and South Korea, their heat transfer ink has bright color, after print on paper ,the pattern is clear with light-color,after heat transfer with heat press machine,the pattern is clear, the color reduction is so great, which is also the advantage of heat transfer ink. China's most heat transfer ink manufacturers are currently concentrated in the southern city, Although the price (of heat transfer ink made in China) is much cheaper than the one made in US and South Korea, but the color of domestic heat transfer ink is darker, and print on paper with high color, transfer printing, the color reduction is poor. Besides, as the transfer ink density is high, it is easy to plug the printer nozzle, while the imported one can avoid this phenomenon. At present, China's heat transfer ink market is mixed, domestic prices is about 4 -6 cents per milliliter, the United States heat transfer ink and South Korea thermal transfer ink is about 8cents -1 RMB,  the difference between the price and quality of domestic ink and imported ink, making the heat transfer ink market confusion.

Dye ink belongs to molecular-level dissolved ink, this ink is a complete composite solution, the probability of ink blocking  is very small, easy to be absorbed by material after printing, and it is colorful. And the cost is lower, the disadvantage is non-waterproof, and because the dye molecules discomposes fast in the ultraviolet radiation, resulting in a obvious color fade after one month using outdoor. The advantage  including  colorful effect, clear layers, and the price is also lower than the pigment ink,so it's the first choice for printing pictures, printing business cards and other products.

Pigment ink,in another word, is powdery ink, but it is definitely not accurate. To be precise, it is solid pigment grind into small particles and dissolved in a special water solvent, it's a suspension solution or semi-solution, the same property with the pigment used for cloth dyeing .It is opposite with the principle that the dye ink penetrates into the medium and then forms the color, it show colors by a material attached in surface which absorbing ink  (such as copy paper or paper).

Therefore, the advantage using pigment ink to print, even in plain paper printing will not leave ink, and because the pigment is waterproof, it's not easy to be UV decomposition, so it is strong water resistance, but also resistant to light, after print the pattern can maintained for more than a year without obvious signs of fading.

There is also shortcoming, most  pigment ink will leave residual color the on surface because of it, so even print in glossy paper or other regular paper, it can't print a glossy image, this is why when we print pigment ink on surface they don’t look shiny.In addition, the cost of pigment ink are higher, the price is also expensive than the dye ink, which is as twice to four times than dye ink,after heat transfer, image is colorful, layers is clear and rich, the effect can be comparable with the printing. The difference is, heat transfer is the ink sublimate through high temperature, the ink penetrate the surface of the media and form image.  Therefore, the film doesn't form a glue film on the surface, and the image doesn't fall off, doesn't  crack, and the light resistance is very strong,the color will not fade for a long time .

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