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Custom Heat Transfer Stickers For Clothing
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Heat transfer manufacturing process exposure!


Due to the heat transfer exist, Which has leading the personalized selection of clothing! For the technology it's also justified, in no way sloppy. In view of most people want to know something about it's process,let's following to see where is the magical place for technology!

Heat Transfer Printing Label

Heat Transfer Printing Label process for printing T-shirt (for example: light color heat transfer paper)

1.Install heat transfer dedicated continuous ink supply system,then check whether the nozzle is normal;

2.Open the heat press machine, set temperature 185 degree, time 20 s,preheating before heat press, and adjust pressure knob,make the plate pressure to the best condition;

3.Click “print” and output image through output line, the image must be mirrored, after output should dry for a few minutes;

4.For the image, we need to sorted and cut,and only need to cut the outline of image,to make sure the glue layer will not be affected after heat transfer to t- shirt.

5.Put T-shirt on the platform of heat press machine and keep flat,  then put the image on the T-shirt (face down and keep flat);

6.Press the joystick of heat press machine,  take up the joystick after 20 s, take out the paper, and take out the finished T-shirts.

Custom Fabric Heat Transfer Labels

Know yourself as well as the enemy, is the principle of Heat Transfer Printing Label technology.

1.Use heat transfer dedicated ink which has high temperature resistance, the ink doesn't fade, and water resistance characteristics.

2.There is  a layer of special glue layer on heat transfer paper surface, in the high temperature state, the glue layer and the paper will separate.

The use of Custom Fabric Labels process: the fabric for heat press must be high temperature resistant,as long as the fabric can bear High temperature ,they will fit this process.

The difference for custom fabric labels dedicated ink and the normal ink: heat transfer dedicated ink is different other pigment ink,which is high temperature resistant, won't fade with high temperature, make sure the color is vivid.

The light color heat transfer paper process T-shirts need to precautions: Before the image outputted, check if the nozzle is working properly or not, and the image should mirrored.

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