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Heat Pressing on Dye Sublimated Fabrics


What is Dye Sublimation?

Most polyester fabrics, such as many of the popular “Performance Garments”, are dyed using a sublimation process. The dye of these fabric will migrate into the heat transfer vinyl after heat press.

Dye Migration Can Discolor Heat Transfer Vinyl

When you heat press heat transfer vinyls onto a sublimated garment, the high temperature will make dyes of the polyester migrate, and discolor the heat transfer applique.

Anti-Sublimation Heat Transfer Vinyl

In the photo above the white polyurethane vinyl turned a light gray after within 24 hours after heat press.

Dye migration does not occur at once when you heat press. Instead it happens gradually, which may take as long as 72 hours.

Heat Transfer Vinyl Rolls with an Anti-Migration Layer

Heat Transfer Vinyl Roll

To avoid discoloration,our R&D department has developed an anti-migration layer to block dye migration. This layer of  film prevents discoloration of an applique caused by dye migration.

Our heat transfer vinyl succeed at exacerbating the dye migration problem.

When you heat press the thermal transfer vinyl with an anti-migration layer, temperature is 150-160℃ with 10-12 s.

vinyl designs for t shirts

How to Know If Your Fabric Is Sublimated?

Cover white fabric on your tees, and thenheat press at 220℃ with25 s.

Finally check if the white fabric change the color or not.If white color changes, then your fabric is sublimated.

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