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What is care label sticker

2017-09-15 18:04:53

Heat Transfer Label

Care Label Heat Transfer Sticker is through heating press and heat transfer the care label sticker onto clothing, and the traditional way is to sewing label onto collar or other place inside the clothes. When we wearing the clothes with sewing label , it will direct touch and rub our skin, cause skin itchy or even allergies. However, after heat press, care label heat transfers will press to the fabric perfectly, hand feel good and do not rub the skin,it fit for all kinds of high level clothing, underwear, kid's clothing, shoes and hats, use the heat transfer it will make your product higher grade!

Product Name: Advanced care label heat transfer

Features: Heat Transfer Label, Eco-friendly, direct heat press, fastness, feel good.

Use range: applicable to all kinds of high-level clothing, underwear, shoes and hats, do not rub the skin while wearing.

For the garment enterprises, a well-designed, well-made care label, just like a small ad, always attract more people’s attention, and convey a certain brand connotation:

1) The first one is self-promotion: an elegant layout and special texture will perform the quality and process of clothing better; the exquisite and simple character will express the style of clothing; the elegant and bright colors will convey the different positioning of clothing, etc, in a word care label will attract your eyes which is the most direct and effective advertising for care label.

2)The second is to guide consumption:with the intensification of competition of clothing market, small care labels takes more responsibility, especially the pattern,words,symbols can further explain the parameters, size, company logo, etc, to guide consumers safely use and deepen the impression of consumption.

Care Label Heat Transfer

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Heat Transfer Sticker

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