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The transfer points for care label heat transfer

2017-09-15 18:08:25

Care label is a kind of type of Heat Transfer Sticker. We need to inspect quality when transfer, and take the same action before transfer and after transfer. Here comes the question,what aspects should we inspect ?

Care Label Heat Transfer

Referring to the figure we’ve been experimenting with, there are some tips will be helpful :

1. Before transfer:

The imagine and words should be consistent;

The original artwork size and printed imagine size should be consistent;

The color aberration should be less than 10%

The accuracy of printing should be more than 95%

The printing thickness should be more than 0.13mm

2. After transferring:

The surface should be integrity.

The color is normal.

It is with good elasticity, will not crap when stretching.

custom clothing labels

3. After 5 hours’ washing

The color will not fade and the glue still sticky,

No crack

Only lightly out of shape

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