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Custom Heat Transfer Stickers For Clothing
The Method Of Heat Transfer

2017-09-15 17:09:31

Qingyi company has a variety of heat press machine, including automatic, manual, semi-automatic,etc.the basic operation is almost the same,Qingyi will show a specific guide to you,hope you would understand deeply about Heat Transfer.

We heat press single color pattern,multi-color pattern or trademark LOGO on clothing, gloves, shoes,hats and other related products with heat transfer machine directly,this process called Heat Transfer. The thickness of product is up to 0.1 MM-5MM. After the heat press: it has good elasticity, nice cubic effect, good durability after washing with high temperature water, easy to process, Eco-friendly and look pretty, not scratch and good adhesion,etc.

Set heat press machine

1.Must to place a flexible pad on heating platform of  heat press machine.

2.Temperature -  normally set 130-160 degrees for ordinary fabric,and set about 190 degrees for denim,canvas or other thick fabrics.

heat press machine

3.Pressure - set medium pressure ( 3KG pressure generally), two heating platform should be closed. Don’t forget to avoid the fabric joints, zippers, buttons,etc. If the heat press part is uneven, please use foam silicone pad to make it even.

4.Time -  Generally heat press with 10 seconds.

Check the fabric

In order to avoid damage clothing, we should confirm the temperature, pressure, time of fabric before heat transfer ,and see if there are special situation, like  melting, yellow,  curling or other phenomena. Besides, waterproof fabrics, leather and smooth nylon silk should not be heat pressed.

Placement of Heat Transfer Stickers

When place garment on the heating platform, should place the film side up, and put the glue side down.

heat transfer sticker


Heat press with related temperature, time and pressure, after heat press,take out the clothing. Before cooling should not pull the clothing to avoid damage the adhesive fastness of product. Different heat press machine has different requirement of temperature, time, pressure, so we need to adjust all the parameter according to different machine.

Remove the protective film

Peeling the silicon film/Teflon sheet, check the heat transfer sticker is flat or not.

Company Heat Transfer Film,if you have any problems or want to free samples,please add WeChat +8618150076231, Qingyi company customer service are waiting for you!

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