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The design requirements of puff-effect/Spongy heat transfer sticker

2017-09-15 18:09:10

As we know the Heat Transfer Stickers expand due to it adding puff agent in colors, puff agent expanding or releasing gas when it drying in a high temperature, all the process make It has cubic effect.

Now let’s see what is the necessary for producing Puff Effect Heat Transfer Sticker?

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The requirements of designs:

The design which consist of several independent part, will be better with puff effect. That is why we wouldn’t suggest to produce puff effect with big bulk design. And It is free to chose design and color if you only want partial puff effect. For multi-color puff effect, it will appear indentation in surface, so we suggest to print the puff paste in the end in order to avoid effecting puff effect.

The requirements of color:

For puff effect, light color will be better than dark color, such as white, pink,light yellow ect. By the way, the color will be lighter after expanding, therefor, you can print light color with puff agent firstly, after dry, print dark color, you will finally get a pretty puff effect after heating with heat press machine.

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