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Know more about 3D high density heat transfer stickers with this article

2017-09-15 17:09:50

Heat Transfer Stickers

In the hot summer, a lot of handsome boys and pretty girls like to wear a wide T-shirts, on the t-shirts it has three-dimensional pattern,  it feel comfortable, new and stylish, easily to attract other people’s attention, so what is the three-dimensional pattern of technology? This article will giving a brief introduction.

Three-dimensional pattern transfer

High quality 3d Hi-density Heat Transfer Stickers use special color ink to printing, printing way is silk screen printing, compared with the flat heat transfer the biggest feature it has cubic effect, compared with the rubber label, copper casting and other processes, hi-density sticker can reduce use-cost,excellent cost-effective, and high-level visual effects, It is very popular among the customers. Pattern color is very clear, lines are very smooth, washing fastness get above Europe 4 level, meet the latest SGS environmental standards testing, and pass Oeko-tex standard 100 environmental testing. Heat press temperature is 135-150 degrees, heat press time is 5-10 seconds. Products are widely applied to clothing, toys, shoes and hats, sports , handbags, leather, handicrafts and other industries.

3D effect heat transfer sticker

3D high density heat transfer stickers for gloves

When it comes to high density 3D Heat Transfer Label, we have to mention its related paste, hi-density paste is essential when production 3D High Density Heat Transfer Stickers.

The hi-density paste, produced by Qingyi, feel soft, medium stretch,has good adhesion, dry , wet fraction and washing fastness to all kinds of fabrics. It doesn’t contain solvent and solvent derivatives, Non-formaldehyde ,PVC,APEO, formaldehyde and harmful heavy metals, meet EU, the United States, Japan, child-level environmental requirements, The quality is be better than same level products. Widely used in all kinds of textile printing, can be used for barrels, underwear.

The paste for 3D high density heat transfer stickers

The traditional clothing is produced by the assembly line, for the young people who pursuit personality and creativity, traditional clothing can’t satisfy them anymore.  If your clothes is decorated with Heat Transfer Label, that you can participate in design, use your creativity and artistic talent to design personality patterns . You will get an unique cloth with your own designs. In our daily life, most kid's clothing are decorated with different designs. Adult’s clothing, bags, hats hats, etc also decorated  with a variety of designs. 3D High Density Heat Transfer Stickers is better than other general heat transfer sticker, Its cubic effect is outstanding, so many young people love it, if you want to get one as well, please act quickly now!

But yes, there are lots of Heat Transfer Companies nowadays,maybe some customers will ask that, compared with others ,what’s Qingyi’s strength?

And , there are plenty of paste and inks in markets, why choose Qingyi?

Well, Qingyi heat transfer company has more than 20 years experience in this industry,good reputation, product cost-effective ,higher quality compared to peers, those are our advantages. Besides,we have a  lot of sub-branch and we have a first-class service team, to follow your orders.

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