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How to store the thermochromic heat transfer sticker

2017-10-24 08:46:19

Thermochromic Heat Transfer Sticker is very popular in the market recently. Because of its special production process and raw materials,the storage way, the validity and packaging of thermochromic Heat Transfer Sticker is different from ordinary heat transfer. let’s see what shall we focus on——

Thermochromic Heat Transfer Sticker

1.Storage, validity and packaging

1) Thermochromic pigments isn’t good at light-fastness, when exposure to sun,the ink will be fade and unavail, so it will be used better indoor rather than outdoor. Should avoid exposure to strong sunlight and ultraviolet light, that will keep the useful life of color pigments longer .

2) For thermochromic material, the heating stable property of color state is better than discolor state. In addition,when the temperature is higher than 80 degrees,the composition of the discoloration of organic matter will begin to degrade. Therefore,color pigments should be avoided long-term storage  over 75 degrees.

3) This product should be store with packaged and normal storage circumstances,valid for 12 months.


1) Test sample first before mass production.

2) Packaging Heat Transfer Products and sealed,keep the product in dry, don’t store in wet and high temperature place.

3) This product information is true and accurate,if customer provided by the fabric,pattern,color, other requirements which are out of our control,we will be adjusted process according to the actual situation without notice.

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