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How to judge the product is suitable for thermal transfer or not

2017-09-15 17:05:36

Some friends who just touch this filed may have such a confusion, that they don’t know what characteristics the product have, thus while research and develop new products they’re not only waste their time but also waste the material resources.

In recent years, with the development of Heat Transfer Industry,there are many all-embracing Heat Transfer Product appeared,including clothing,shoes and hats,  the decoration and interior are also included,etc. Like Waterproof cloth offset printing heat transfer sticker,Canvas Shoes Heat Transfer Printing. Of course, some products are not able to use heat transfer, let’s us see what is the the specific content?

Heat transfer machine

Heat transfer machine and substrate must be placed flat.

Three restricted areas of heat transfer should not close!

1.The quality of substrate’s material

This requirement is very clear, some of the the material on substrate is difficult to use heat transfer.

2. Appearance and shape of the substrate

Obviously, the appearance and surface is uneven, the volume is too large or too small will lead to print area out of control.

3.Test different type of substrate

Some types are impossible to make judgments theoretically, It is necessary to judge through Heat Transfer.

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