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How to deal with the problems may happened during heat transfer process

2017-10-24 15:16:22

Heat transfer labels is very popular now, convenient operation makes it easy to get started, but the effect is not always be satisfactory, there may happen bad adhesion problem without careful. Why heat transfer labels for clothing will appear these problems and how to solve these problems. Qingyi company will offer some solutions to you with their experience and some skills from internet.

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1.The reason of bad adhesion and its solutions

Reason:    1)Light pressure or low temperature

               2) Heat press materials is not suitable for that fabric

Solution:   1) Increase heat press pressure or temperature or time

               2) Use the appropriate fabrics for heat transfer stickers

2. Color is dull and the pattern is blurred

Reason: heat press temperature is too high, the pressure is too heavy. Solution: reduce the temperature and the pressure.

3. Get different pressure while heat press a heat transfer labels

Reasons:the heating area of pattern and words are different.

Solution:increase the pressure area of graphics, lay papers on the bottom to make the heating area equal.

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4. Can’t heat transfer on fabrics(or other substrates), or the pattern fall off after heat press

Reasons:    1)Heat transfer labels is not suitable on that fabrics

                2)The quality of glue layer of logo heat transfer is not good

                3)Temperature is too low, the pressure is too small

                4)No sticky agent or dust excessive powder

Solution:    1)Use the appropriate fabric or other substrates

                2)Temporarily change substrates, check its quality

                3) Re-adjust the temperature and pressure

                4) Use sticky agent, spray suitable powder.

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