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Care label plays an important role in clothing industry

2017-09-15 18:07:09

The name of care label ?

Care label normally the northerners call it as a washing sticker, will be called "sticker" or " label ", and southerners are used to call as washing trademark, in fact, Water sticker or washing trademark also refers to a same kind of cloth standard - Washing label. Other names are called as Mark, clothing label, and so on. Washing label applied in the apparel industry, mainly printing or print the washing parameters of clothing, there are many materials for label, the common is the  ordinary white trademark, which is also called tape.

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What are the contents of care label?

The washing label will mark the fabric ingredients and the correct washing methods: such as dry cleaning / machine wash / hand wash, whether it can bleach, dry method, the temperature for iron, etc., to guide the user how to washing. Of course, some care label will printed manufacturer's brand logo, contact and so on.

What is the material of care label?

Care Label Heat Transfer Sticker

Ribbons, tapes and cotton belts are the most commonly material to Print Care Label.It has different materials to print different product information. Commonly used material including nylon ,polyester, acetate , blended , cotton and non-woven fabrics. In order to improve the value and diversity of products,there are some new materials like Full-dull Fabrics, Sem-dull Fabrics, Bright Fabrics and Pearl Finished Fabrics and so on. Different materials use different Care Label Heat Transfer Sticker, Qingyi company have 20 years of heat transfer experience in this field, they offer service including product research & develop and offer different solutions for different industry, Heat Transfer Products covered the world, become the common choice for 600 leading industries.

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